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TATS:theexperience is a provocative performance piece about current changes in tattoo popularity in America. Actors invite you to dance, cry, and ask yourself why do you have a tattoo...or why not.

Past Audience Member Comments:


"It is a must see! You will laugh, cry, feel anger and see some jaw dropping scenes! It was innovative, sexy and entertaining."

"...Such a true theatrical experience, something that a lot of shows these days seem to lack. It was vibrant, energetic, and a feast for the senses. It was truly a joy to watch."

"I loved it. A very powerful story and skillfully performed. I...didn't want it to end."

"TATS took me to a new place in my thinking about tattoos and the people who choose to have them."

"It’s a great reflective time piece and the actors were wonderfully representative of cultural impact."

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