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TATS:theexperience is a provocative live performance about current changes in tattoo popularity. Actors invite you to dance, cry, and ask yourself why do you have a tattoo...or why not. As a seductive and sexy play, TATS is a live performing arts experience, complete with acting, dancing, shadow puppetry, an original score, body art, and more.



The Flight @ The Complex in Hollywood, CA

Through August 22nd Fri/Sat nights 8p & 10p

General Admission Tickets $25

*Discounts available for group sales*

Audience Reviews: Hollywood, California 2015

I'm not much into plays but I went opening night. I was blown away super cool experience, very engaging, and hard to look away. Do yourself a favor and go check it out! ~wayne Frederickson of California Street Tattoo


Tats the Experience truly is just that - an experience. I was thrilled from the first word and moved in every way imaginable as we took the journey through the text, with the actors and multi media delights! I laughed out loud, pondered my own life and cried - feeling like I truly understood... Tammy Wilkinson / Artistic Director / Theatre Du Jour


"Tats is an incredible journey of story telling through art and soul. The acting, movement, and storytelling with each character is not only mesmerizing but truthful. You will never think of tattoos the same after watching this show; it's not about the ink, but the blood that runs underneath it. So excited I got to see this show in Los Angeles and recommend it highly!”  - Cameron Thrower Director and Writer of Beverly Hills Screenwriting Competition Winner Pretty Boy Movie.


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