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5 Tips Before Getting a Tattoo

Written by  The TATS Team
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Many people ask various members of our TATS team advice on getting their first tattoos. We have a lot to say about it, but here are 5 tips we suggest considering before your first tattoo experience:

1. Tack it on- Go ahead and get the piece hennaed or draw it on yourself. Or, if you can’t reach, get someone else to do it. Make sure that it will stay on for more than a few days so you can get used to seeing it on your body. If you still love it, there is your answer.

2. Get dressed - Put on many as different outfits for different occasions as you can imagine. Take note if your ink will show. If it does, do you care? Will it hinder your profession, reputation or Mother’s heart if you show it in all of its glory?

3. Have a Conversation- Go talk to different tattoo artists and get to know them first. Do you get a good vibe from the artist or the shop? Great! Make an appointment. If not, there has got to be another shop around.

4. Research, Research, Research- Make sure that you know what you are getting put on your body. If you have a reason behind the symbol, image or character, be very sure that you understand the meaning. There is nothing more embarrassing than when a stranger corrects your mistake.

5. Do it For Yourself- At the end of the day, this piece of body art is for you. Make sure you are not getting pressured into it, or choosing a design that you do not really want. Tattoos can be removed, but the process is often very costly and more painful than the initial sitting.

So, those are five highlighted tips for considering tattoos before you get them. We support your choice of body art and expressing yourself. But make sure you consider what you want, where you want it, and who is going to put it there. Till next time!

The TATS Team





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